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Fruitful Enterprises goal is to help other businesses grow by maintaining an organized and accurate system while also making better workplaces for employees.


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With our team’s experience, Fruitful Enterprises understands how to help you grow. We provide support and solutions, no matter how big or small, from start to finish we will get you there. We provide services in three categories: bookkeeping services, HR payroll & benefit services, and operational services.

Bookkeeping Services

Basic Bookkeeping

Need a trustworthy team to get the job done right? Count on Fruitful Enterprises to take care of managing your basic bookkeeping tasks for you.

Budget Forecasting

Fruitful Enterprises can help you determine what type of budgeting will be key for your specific business and continue to update it with collected information. We will also review your budget with you on a quarterly or annual basis to determine budgeted versus actual costs.

Advanced Financial Reporting

Your books can work harder for you. Have you ever wanted to know how much money you are making on a job? Which salesperson is meeting their quota? Or what product sells the best? Where is your cash going? We can get your financial reports in tip-top shape to answer the questions you really want to know.

HR Payroll & Benefit Services

Payroll Processing

We can manage your payroll processing including the the associated taxes and deductions, at a much lower cost than the average CPA or third-party payroll provider. We will guarantee taxes will be filed accurately and in a timely manner.

Human Resources

Our human resources (HR) support is ideal for small to medium-size businesses that need expertise for the day-to-day tasks related to HR. Let us take tasks off your plate so you can focus on core business activities.

Benefit Management

We will give you access to great vision, dental, and medical insurance. Employees can enroll in any or all the benefits and perks you choose to offer. Count on Fruitful Enterprises to take care of managing your benefit management tasks for you.

Operational Services

New Business Setup

Start your business the right way. Get your questions answered and get the advice you need to for you new business setup. Start your business with confidence, knowing our services are fast, simple, and affordable.

Custom Service

Need something you don’t see on our service list? Reach out and see how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Customer Relations Management

Developing a relationship with your customers is one of the most effective strategies a business can adopt. Count on Fruitful Enterprises to take care of managing your customer relations tasks for you.


Don’t take our word for it. Hear from our clients.
Samantha Furlet
Samantha Furlet
May 6, 2024.
Working with Alyssa is such a comprehensive, supportive and collaborative experience! She provides us with timely information and goes above and beyond to ensure our payroll needs our met. She is thorough, detail orientated and organized. I’m so thankful to have her on our team!
Olivia Easley
Olivia Easley
May 5, 2024.
Alyssa and I have worked together for two+ years now. Not only was she an excellent teacher on all things accounting, but she is a great problem solver. Even before management would know what to ask, Alyssa was already building a system to get the answer. Above the simple things such as AP, AR, and Payroll, Alyssa weaved pieces of the company together including operations, human resources, and IT. I highly recommend Alyssa to anyone looking for an experienced accountant with a "get-things-done" mindset.
May 3, 2024.
Our company has worked with Fruitful Enterprises for a little over 6 years now and Alyssa is a breath of fresh air. She is an integral part of our day to day operations as she performs CFO, HR, AP, and AR duties. She has the willingness to jump in and get things moving in the right direction from day one. Needless to say, we have not looked back since we starting working with her 6 years ago. I would recommend Fruitful Enterprises to any company needing that extra touch to push them in the right direction. You don't know what you don't know, until you are taught. Alyssa will not fail you, it's in her DNA. Thanks Alyssa!
Mark Sharman
Mark Sharman
May 3, 2024.
As a CPA, Tax Planning Consultant and Fractional CFO, I really appreciate working with a professional like Alyssa and Fruitful Enterprises when working with clients. She does excellent accounting work on the financials and is a great problem-solver. I love working with her clients because I get a clean, correct set of books and she can help ensure our mutual clients get the max tax savings they are eligible for. I highly recommend working with Alyssa!
Jon Ford
Jon Ford
May 3, 2024.
Alyssa is knowledgeable and dedicated. In the six years that she has been our accountant, not one account payable has been paid late and accounts receivable has been handled efficiently, with a firm yet courteous hand.
Dan Fruit
Dan Fruit
February 9, 2022.
Alyssa has been a great help at sorting through my documents and giving me a clear picture of my operations. Things I wish I knew, such as my cost per acre, she was able to help me calculate and manage all the details. I would recomend her to anyone who wants to get answers to their financial questions.
Alona Kearns
Alona Kearns
January 14, 2022.
Alyssa Fruit is a very detailed oriented woman. She assisted me in transitioning one business into three without any glitches. Alyssa is easy to work with, professional as well as friendly. Awesome service as well!
Nicole Lynch
Nicole Lynch
January 9, 2022.
Alyssa is extremely knowledgeable and has the experience to move payroll and HR items in house. This has saved the company money as well as allowed the company to have more access to the data. She always does a through reconciliation which allows for accurate reporting. Whether it is budgeting, finding solutions to track job costing, or learning new systems like DCAA, Alyssa has the answers. If you want top of the line service, I highly recommend Alyssa!
MainNerve Cybersecurity
MainNerve Cybersecurity
January 7, 2022.
Alyssa has helped us with our books for years. She's highly educated and experienced and helps us clean up our books after a bad accounting firm messed things up. We would highly recommend her services.

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