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Get more time for running your business by letting Fruitful Enterprises manage your payroll services.

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Payroll is a necessity but done wrong can lead to lengthy lawsuits and expensive fines and fees. On average the IRS begins charging penalties starting one day after the due date. And each state has their own rates, tax entities, and rules to follow which can be challenging to keep up to date with. Using an experienced payroll provider can dramatically decrease the risk of errors or omissions but can cost over $30 thousand dollars a year for a small company.

Processing your payroll shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We can manage your payroll processing including the associated taxes and deductions, at a much lower cost than the average CPA or third-party payroll provider. We will guarantee taxes will be filed accurately and in a timely manner. And in any instance where an audit is required, we will manage the whole process giving you time to focus on operations as well as giving you peace of mind knowing you have a professional  on the case.

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Join the businesses that trust Fruitful Enterprises for fast, easy, and accurate payment processing.

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We have worked with businesses since 2008. We use that expertise to provide exceptional service to our clients.

Focus Energy on People, Not Paperwork

We will pay your employees, make tax deductions, and pay and file on time; providing more time for you to focus on your team.

Dedicated, Responsive Service

We will assign a payroll specialist specifically for your team to provide accurate results.

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