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Need a trustworthy team to get the job done right? Count on Fruitful Enterprises to take care of managing your basic bookkeeping tasks for you.

Support from Bookkeeping Experts that Understand Your Needs

We understanding running a business requires a lot of attention. We can help you by reconciling your registers, sending invoices, and tracking payments. We pride ourselves on collecting overdue invoices and work closely with a few collection agencies to ensure all invoices are paid.*

You can even save money on your annual CPA bill by hiring Fruitful Enterprises LLC as your bookkeeper. We will prepare clean books for tax season and save your CPA many billable hours as well as stay connected with them to answer any questions and send required documents.

We have over a decade of experience in different industries to ensure proper tracking and accuracy. We will continue to learn your business and meet with you to ensure you are getting the services that best suits your growing business.

* Conditions apply: We require a certain amount of information be provided in our attempt to collect any past due invoices or money owed to our clients. Any gap in information will cause a delay in the attempt to collect any past due funds. Similarly, a written contract between client and company is required to have the debt sent forward to a debt collection company. We are not a debt collection company. At no point in time will we attempt to collect a debt where a client’s/customer’s credit score or other assets will be affected. We will attempt to reach out to the client/customer with the intention to collect the funds; however, this is not a guarantee that any or all funds are to be received.

How We Can Help

Our main priority is to allow you to have more time and peace of mind knowing that your financials are spot on. We will provide you with monthly financial statements to help you understand your data allowing you to make educated decisions for your business’ future.

Let Us Support Your Bookkeeping Needs

Track Payments

We will accurately record all income so that your reports are error-free.


Focus on the Details

We will record all of your sales and expenses, reconciling your transactions, and providing reports to help you understand your business.


Need help? Call one of our experts to help you understand the state of your business.

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